NOW Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 

Our Overseer Dr. Ella P. Hood is the founder of New Life Community Temple of Faith and was a servant in the kingdom of ministry for over 43 years. God gifted Dr. Hood to operate in the prophetic anointing with signs and wonders following as many were delivered and set free giving all glory and honor to the Heavenly Father for his mighty acts.

 She was also an entrepreneur and a great visionary who believes through Christ Jesus one can accomplish anything; defeat and negativism should not be accepted. If one has a word from the Lord, then believe it and launch out." If God has spoken it then it is fixed and settled," stated Dr. Hood.

Dr. Hood was known as an encourager and strived to continuously view the good qualities in others. Many have stated this women of God had been an inspiration in their lives and often inquire of her drive and stamina.  With assurance her reply was always, "I do not possess the ability to do anything except Jesus gives me the power and strength to do so; for this  reason I refuse to be lifted in pride and become boastful."

If you are seeking for a church that is moving to the next dimension, then please visit New Life. The ministry where everybody is somebody and Christ is all.